Our Mission

Coral reefs provide many benefits to wildlife and humans, but runoff pollution, the repercussions of climate change and overfishing are weakening and killing coral reefs at an alarming rate.

Our mission is to teach children how they can become coral reef conservationists. To that end, we provide middle school teachers with educational materials they can use in the classroom to teach students about the value of and threats to coral reefs.

Our Team

Sarah Poe

Sarah conceived The Reef Project after she was lucky enough to see the gorgeous coral reefs of the Caribbean and the Maldives in person. She fell in love with…

Becky Ohlhaver

Becky has always loved visiting the beach and exploring coral reefs on summer vacations. Since joining The Reef Project, she has helped bring its mission to life through design…

Jay Vette

Jay enjoys swimming and snorkeling, and is fascinated by the vibrant colors, textures, and patterns of coral reefs. He is a graphic designer and writer who wants to use…

Lynora Lawless

Lynora is the non swimmer of our team. As one of the shore bound, she spends most of her time reading about the many coral reefs around the world.