• Awareness

    Campaign Kit

    Hey students, are you ready to become a coral reef activist in your community? The Reef Project’s coral reef awareness campaign starter pack is a box full of goodies you can order to help you raise coral reef conservation awareness in your home, school and community.

  • Awareness


    Hey students, are you having a hard time understanding what you can do to help save coral reefs? Check out our infographics to learn more.

  • Education

    Activity Packet

    The Reef Project’s classroom Activity Packet is full of fun yet educational exercises that students will enjoy as a supplement to their lessons. There is no reason learning about coral reefs can’t be fun!

  • Education


    For classrooms and anywhere else you want to display your love of coral reefs.

  • Teachers


    Teachers, learn how our resources can enhance your own lesson plans about coral reefs.    

  • Awareness

    Social Media

    To keep students and teachers updated on our latest activities, and as a supplemental channel for information about coral reef conservation, The Reef Project utilizes three different social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.