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Not learning about coral reefs in your school? Request a copy of our Coral Reef Activity Packet so you can learn on your own. Or use the Share buttons at the bottom of this page to send information about it to your teacher.


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Meet “Pygmy” the seahorse, who guides you through a Coral Reef Tour. Play Coral Reef Trivia — a chance to show off everything you’ve learned about coral reefs in a friendly competition with your classmates.

And for even more information about coral reefs and coral reef conservation, browse our list of links to coral reef-related podcasts and videos you can listen to or watch in class or on own time.


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Coral Reef Infographics

Having a hard time understanding what you can do to help save coral reefs? Check out our infographics to learn more.


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Coral Reef Awareness Campaign Starter Kit

Ready to become a coral reef activist in your community? The Reef Project’s Campaign Starter Kit is a box full of goodies you can order to help you raise coral reef conservation awareness in your home, school and community.

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For classrooms and anywhere else you want to display your love of coral reefs. Each poster features a beautiful photo of a coral reef and a short explanation about coral reefs or coral reef conservation.

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