We believe that you as teachers can be especially influential figures to middle school students and can play a huge role in helping them understand how they can personally make a difference in helping to save coral reefs.

The Reef Project encourages teachers to engage in conversation with their students about how much water they use, how much trash they throw away, which chemicals are being used on their lawns, and how all of these behaviors are impacting the health of coral reefs.

The Reef Project’s classroom enrichment materials can help you start that conversation and they are a great addition to your lesson plans.


Classroom Resources

The Reef Project’s classroom Activity Packet is full of fun yet educational exercises that students will enjoy as a supplement to their lessons. There is no reason learning about coral reefs can’t be fun!

Students can enjoy hunting for hidden terms about coral reefs in our two Coral Reef Word Searches. With our Coral Reef Webquest, students can take advantage of web resources to learn the answers to questions about coral reefs while also learning how to find reliable information on the web.

Once they’ve learned all about coral reefs, students can build their own by following our Coral Reef Diorama instructions for creating a scene from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef using egg cartons and other recycled materials.

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The printed Activity Packet includes links and a QR code students can use to access The Reef Project’s digital learning exercises on our website. There, students can meet “Pygmy” the seahorse, who guides them through a Coral Reef Tour.

Our Coral Reef Trivia Game is a chance for students to show off everything they’ve learned about coral reefs in a friendly competition with their classmates.

And for even more information about coral reefs and coral reef conservation, students can browse our list of links to coral reef-related podcasts and videos that they can listen to or watch in class or in their own time.

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Are your students still having a hard time understanding what you can do to help save coral reefs? Use our infographics to help explain the issues to them.

The first concept we explore is basic information about coral reefs and the value they provide to humans and wildlife. This infographic, which includes interesting facts and statistics about coral reefs, can be presented as one large infographic poster or three smaller infographic images—one of which is an overview of coral reefs, one that explains the threats coral reefs face and one that shows the benefits of coral reefs.

The second concept outlines 10 easy ways anyone can help save coral reefs, including conserving water and supporting reef-friendly business. This infographic can also be presented as one large poster or 10 smaller information blasts.

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The five pieces in our poster series are designed for use in the classroom or for students to hang up in their rooms at home. Each poster features a beautiful photo of a coral reef and a short explanation about coral reefs or coral reef conservation.

With these eye-catching images and a short blurb about coral reefs and coral reef conservation, we hope to encourage students to become active in the cause to save these precious ecosystems.

Designed for classrooms and anywhere else you want to display your love of coral reefs!

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