Activity Packet

The Reef Project’s classroom Activity Packet is full of fun yet educational exercises that students will enjoy as a supplement to their lessons. There is no reason learning about coral reefs can’t be fun!

Students can enjoy hunting for hidden terms about coral reefs in our two Coral Reef Word Searches. With our Coral Reef Webquest, students can take advantage of web resources to learn the answers to questions about coral reefs while also learning how to find reliable information on the web.

Once they’ve learned all about coral reefs, students can build their own by following our Coral Reef Diorama instructions for creating a scene from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef using egg cartons and other recycled materials.

The printed Activity Packet includes links and a QR code students can use to access The Reef Project’s digital learning exercises on our website. There, students can meet “Pygmy” the seahorse, who guides them through a Coral Reef Tour.

Our Coral Reef Trivia Game is a chance for students to show off everything they’ve learned about coral reefs in a friendly competition with their classmates.

And for even more information about coral reefs and coral reef conservation, students can browse our list of links to coral reef-related podcasts and videos that they can listen to or watch in class or in their own time.




Word Search


Great Barrier Reef Diorama